'Friends' Put up Bat Boxes around Par Beach LNR
'Friends' Put up Bat Boxes around Par Beach LNR
Thursday, 17th November 2016

Committee members Phil Gadd, Richard Parks, Mike Freemantle and Dennis Brock teamed up on 15th November to put up the bat boxes around Par Beach Local Nature Reserve (LNR) that we had commissioned the children of Tywardreath School to build for us recently. These boxes are of the 'Kent' design originated from an idea by the Kent Bat Group.

After much discussion and advice we located exactly where best to put the boxes. It is quite important to have them located correctly as bats are choosy little creatures and will only inhabit boxes that have a clear line of sight to their ' front door', face south easterly to south westerly, in a sunny location, preferably with the morning sun, and are at least four metres off the ground. Worse than the prospectus when trying to buy a house.

You would think with all the trees that are available on the Par Beach Local Nature Reserve it would be an easy job, but not a bit of it. A lot of time was spent finding the best spots, and only when or if they get used will we know if we are right, so fingers crossed. It might take a while, months, possibly even years before any bats move in, so keep a look out or even listen to see if these fascinating little creatures come and take up our offer of 'Affordable Housing'.

We would like to thank the children of Tywardreath School, too many names to mention, who constructed most of the boxes for us, and also members Keith and Sandra Butler of Polmear Parc, who donated three boxes to us after they had taken down a couple of trees in their garden

         Left to Right Dennis, Phil & Mike with two of the 'Kent' design bat boxes


             'Phil the Ladder' ably supported by Dennis


            That's two up!


               Now with Mike supervising....

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