Great Team Effort Helps to Clean up Par Beach
Great Team Effort Helps to Clean up Par Beach
Monday, 9th January 2017

A combination of different factors all came together today when an amazing, second best ever, 110 volunteers answered our 'Call to Arms' and joined Friends of Par Beach to help clear the large volume of rubbish that had appeared over the holiday period.

This started over Christmas and New Year, when owing to the mainly clear and dry weather, many more than normal visitors and locals alike came to walk their dogs, walk off the Christmas pudding, or just to get some fresh air. Boxing Day had to be seen to be believed with literally hundreds of people and it seemed, just as many dogs enjoying the benefits of our wonderful beach.. It seems that many people used their own initiative and moved large pieces of Flotsam and Jetsam above the strand line and created several piles of rubbish, which was excellent.

Mike Freemantle, our Treasurer after one of his many walks along the shoreline, suggested that we should hold an Emergency Litter Pick to carry on the good work started by these thoughtful visitors. So at short notice we put the plan into action and went through the normal procedures of advertising the event in as many places as possible, in particular on social media.

The result was today's turnout, one of our best ever, including several children, many well behaved dogs, and interestingly at least half a dozen people brought along their own wheelbarrows, having taken notice of our advice about quite a lot of large objects to be cleared. Large objects were removed off the beach and many sifted through the seaweed on the strandlines to remove all non-natural debris, mostly plastics, the scourge of the marine environment.

It was impossible to count the amount of litter collected as we asked for the bags to placed near any of the rubbish bins along the road side of the dunes, so they were spread out. We do know however that there was an awful lot, but the beach looked much better afterwards as a result of the great community spirit. The team effort was completed by Biffa, the Council Refuse Contractors arriving almost as we finished to take everything away, and we thank them for their efficiency.

To everyone who came along, we thank you all, and please look out for details on our events page for our next regular Litter Pick/Beach Clean to be held in March along with other events as they are arranged.

To see some photos taken on the day click here


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