Wednesday, 3rd July 2019


We need more of your Landscape or Flora & Fauna pictures, but not birds, birds we have a plenty.

Entries are to be emailed to by 3rd July 2019.

Friends of Par Beach have seen so many great shots posted on Facebook that we would like to make a 2020 calendar to raise funds and show others how great our beach can be.

So we are inviting you to submit one or two of your very best shots to be considered for the calendar. Having your print acknowledged and printed in high quality calendar is the prize.

The two themes for this first calendar are NATIVE WILDLIFE and LANDSCAPE.

We need 13 images, so start sorting.

If you would like to join in, please submit high resolution images by JULY 3rd.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Images may be taken by camera, drone or phone.
  2. The subject of the images must be either native wildlife, landscape, or both together. No themes with other subjects as the MAIN focus of the photograph will be considered (for example: the panel will reject images of people, sports, domestic or non-native species and pictures clearly not taken at Par).
  3. Do not submit any images containing visible facial features of anyone under 18 years old.
  4. Judging will also take place under 2 categories which are amended and non-amended images. If you use Photoshop or similar image enhancing software please make that clear in your entries email. You will not be disqualified unless the panel thinks that an amended image has been submitted under the non-amended category.
  5. You may submit 2 images in total. These can be under the same theme and category or different.
  6. The calendar is unlikely to feature more than two sunrise or sunset images.
  7. The selection process will take place under a scoring system led by a single committee member who will not be taking part in the voting, who will not submit an entry and will be the only person who knows who submitted the photographs. Therefore FoPB Committee members and their families are eligible to take part.
  8. The event is open to all and not just Friends of par Beach members.

Entries are to be emailed to by 3rd July 2019.

Cornwall Council Park Leisure Par Sands Friends of Par Beach are supported by
PL24 Community Association, Tesco,
Par Sands Coastal Holiday Park,
Cornwall Council Community Grant
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