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Merry Christmas
22nd December 2018

Pacific Oyster 2 | Report
27th November 2018

Following a particularly wet and windy morning the weather became much kinder by 13:00 hrs when we gathered at our Beach Hut to conduct our second Pacific oyster survey. With Matt Slater of Cornwall Wildlife Trust's Shoresearch we were joined by three additionl members of FoPB, besides myself and our chair, Richard, plus three members of the Three Bay Wildlife group.

Once again we conducted our survey along the man-made rock and boulder groynes at the Western end of the beach where Par river joins the bay. This time we worked along the wider of the two groynes, which worked well with the additional manpower, and one womanpower, we had. We reached a total of 1700 Pacific oysters, along its length, after two hours work.

September Work Party | Report
30th September 2018

Our first 2018-19 Work Party was to prepare for important work to be done by Cornwall Council to improve the concrete path opposite Park Leisure that leads to the seat on the dunes overlooking the bay. The plan was to widen the path so that wheelchairs may use it more easily and to create a passing bay. In addition we tackled the clearing of gorse and other invasive species to improve the view from the seat.

Many thanks to our supporters who came bearing gifts (nice biscuits) and the visiting couple who rejoined us with a generous donation.

They say every picture tells a story so take a look at our before and afters...

Before:                                                                              After:



The Team:

Pacific Oyster | Report
25th September 2018

The weather was kind on Tuesday, 25th September when Matt Slater of Cornwall Wildlife Trust's Shoresearch came to Par Beach and taught us how to survey an invasive species, the Pacific oyster. This non native has been becoming increasingly common all around Cornwall and a new project has been set up to Monitor its spread and where necessary control its numbers.

We conducted the survey along the man-made rock and boulder groynes at the Western end of the beach where Par river joins the bay. Working along the narrower, 2 meter wide, of the groynes, which fitted the survey parameters, we reached a total of 600 Pacific oysters, along its length, after two hours work.

22nd September 2018


We have been shortlisted for an award from Skipton Building Society's Grassroots Giving and need your help to win one of the 165 awards being made this year.

Details of our bid can be found at...


Or, if you would like to view all the applications in the South West then go to...


Please vote for us, and, if you have more than one email address, you can have more than one vote. This is all about supporting Par Beach and it's Local Nature Reserve, so ask friends and neighbours to help.

The deadline is 12th October so please do it now, whilst you are thinking about it.

Thank you.

AGM | Report
13th September 2018

Friends recently held their 9th AGM on Thursday, 13th September 2018. Yet another year has flown past!

Held as usual at The Gott Hall in Par the event attracted a reasonable 29 people, to hear reports given by the Chair, Richard Parks and Treasurer, Mike Freemantle.

Richard outlined the many and various events and activities that we have attended or organised including two new events, an Easter Trail and Bio-diversity Walk which both proved very successful, plus the continually popular quiz evenings and thanking all the people involved in organising and running the various events over the past year.

With the election of officers, Richard Parks remains as The Chair, and Mike Freemantle remains as Treasurer but due to an impending move out of Par, Jules Jonklaas has steped down from the committee which has left us without a Secretary as nobody came forward for the role. Jules has agreed to continue to organise our quiz nights for which we are very pleased.

Phil Gadd, Gill Butler and Tamsyn Howes remain as Committee members, but we are losing Cathy Trodd, and would like to thank her for all her efforts and support over the last few years. We are pleased that Caroline Ward has joined our number as well as Jan Phillips who has returned to the committee after a number of years absence.

The AGM then had a short break for refreshments and socialising, and this was followed by a very lively and totally absorbing presentation by Sue Sayer of the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust (CSGRT). Have a look at http://cornwallsealgroup.co.uk/. Whilst on the website take a few moments to follow the, HAIRSTORY and seals, article and cast your Vote in support of CSGRT. Or to go directly to the voting page follow this link https://www.hairstory.com/1-planet/1-planet-cast-your-ballot/. Your vote counts!

Altogether it was a successful and friendly evening, and the plentiful food prepared by Janet Parks was much enjoyed, so thanks to Janet for her efforts on our behalf.

Ranger Work Party | Report
5th September 2018

A small team from Friends of Par Beach joined forces with our Ranger, Jenny Heskett, and her small team with the aim of repairing the damaged picnic benches in the picnic area adjacent to the main car park. Having successfully replaced and repaired the timbers of the two wooden picnic benches lets hope people are not so thoughtless as to use the table tops for their hot barbeques in future!


Bat Walk | Report
25th August 2018

Fifty people, including a number of family groups, and two dogs attended the Bat Walk presented by Dr Carol Williams of the Bat Conservation Trust. It was a sunny evening with a cool wind so hopes were high of a good turnout which proved to be the case for both people and bats.

Carol gave an introductory presentation to improve our understanding of these fascinating creatures and then as the sun set and dusk crept up on us we armed ourselves with a number of bat detectors and set off towards the orchid fields in seek out our only flying mammals.

After some moderate success identifying some Common Pipistrelles the group moved back to the Duck Pond area as dusk moved into darkness under a splendid full moon. The bat detectors really came alive in this environment with both Common Pipistrelles and Soprano Pipistrelles being heard and fleetingly seen. Finally Carol managed to tune in and identify Daubenton's Bats over the lake.

We were also rewarded with two Herons circling over the lake in the moonlight, quite eerie and awe-inspiring!


Environment Agency Notification
9th August 2018

Environment Agency (EA) Notification

BLUE-GREEN ALGAE –  Par Beach Duck Pond, Par Sands

I would like to confirm that the sample taken on _09/08/2018 from _Par Duck Pond for algal analysis …

 *    had a bloom of potentially toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria)  

 The sample was taken from the lee shore where the algae would probably be at their highest concentration. This is not necessarily representative of conditions in the whole water body. You are recommended to make regular inspections to check for scum formation.

 Many waters are susceptible to problems with blue-green algae, typically between June and November. Once algal numbers are high, the bloom is likely to persist throughout the season, declining only at the onset of winter weather conditions.

 You are encouraged to take whatever steps you consider necessary to inform users of your water of these statements. If you need further advice on health matters, you should contact your local Environmental Health Officer

Passage for Par | Report
24th June 2018

Over three days, 22 - 24 June, the Passage for Par performances took place on Par Sands. An evening performance on the Friday and Saturday followed by a morning performance on the Sunday.

The performances were commissioned as part of Groundwork (www.groundwork.art), a season of exhibitions and events presented in special places in Cornwall, May to September 2018. Produced in partnership with Dance Republic 2 and Artsadmin, with support from Falmouth University's Academy of Music and Theatre Arts (AMATA).

At the turn of the tide thirty women began their passage across Par Sands. The performance was best viewed from a distance as the thirty women moved rhythmically across the tidal landscape from the Eastern end to the Western end of the sands tracing meandering pathways through the wet sand, showing movement and shape as a collective form against the backdrop of St Austell Bay.

The cast of thirty women - selected from Cornwall, the UK and abroad - had worked intensively over the last two weeks on the beach to discover, adapt and refine the work as it had emerged. Their steps had been influenced in part by the traditional dances of Brittany and Cornwall. Each day they experienced radically different conditions and noticed new features of the site and of the practice of moving together as a collective form.

The acclaimed choreographer, Rosemary Lee, visited many of Cornwall's most beautiful beaches before deciding to work on Par Sands. She had chosen Par because of its dramatic contrasts - between the industry of Par Docks and the green slopes of Gribbin Head - and because of the exceptional beauty of the tidal expanse, with its glittering deposits of quartz and mica.

She was also intrigued by the biodiversity of the area. The china clay industry has had a visible impact on the landscape around St Austell and has dramatically altered the flora and fauna of the area. The flora of the port and beach at Par has also been affected by marine traffic introducing species from ports around the world. A high proportion of these species were able to seed and establish themselves in the various habitats the beach provides; in total 878 flowering plant species have been recorded.

Whilst the performances of Passage for Par will leave no physical trace on the landscape, Rosemary Lee hopes that its presence will linger in the memory and become part of the history of this special place.



The Big Lunch and Dog Show Report
3rd June 2018

FoBP had a presence at The Big Lunch and Dog Show with our Gazeebo and Display plus some Stone Painting for our younger visitors.

The weather was kind this year and there was a steady flow of visitors throughout the day. Our Stone Painting proved popular, if somewhat messy at times, but nice to see the creative talents in action.



Easter Fun Trail Report
1st April 2018

On the overcast but thankfully dry morning of Easter Sunday we held our first ever Easter Fun Trail. The trail started and finished at the, Friends of Par Beach, beach hut and encompassed the beach, orchid field and dunes. Along this route were eight Easter egg markers containing an interesting fact, relating to the environment, and an alphabetical letter to be noted. At the end of the trail the participants had to work out that the noted letters spelt 'Beach Hut' and all children were rewarded with a Cadbury Cream Egg whilst the parents were given a bag for life. 21 family groups participated, totalling 37 adults and 40 children, and a good time was had by all.

The picture shows a group of happy children recieving their eggs and the adults with their bag for life whilst the family dog wonders where his reward is!

Spring Beach Clean Report
4th March 2018

Today we held our annual Spring Beach Clean, and the weather gods were most kind to us. Following the bitterly cold spell, with snow and wind, it was touch and go that the event could take place, and even with a sudden warming the day before it decided to rain heavily through the night right up to 07:30hrs this morning. Low and behold, the rain stopped, the clouds passed away and the sun came out to give us a glorious spring day.

Sixty One (61) volunteers turned up for us including several family's with young children and a group of pupils (eco squad) and teachers from Poltair School in St Austell. They all worked very hard and at the end of the event the beach was sparkling. Our thanks go to all who made it such a worthwhile day.

January Work Party Report
28th January 2018

Friends of Par Beach held their first work party of the New Year today and concentrated on removing some invasive species from the dune area near to our new Beach Hut .

Using our Hut for the first time as base camp for the work, we were pleased to welcome our biggest turn out for some time, including several new faces, and many thanks to all who turned out on a pleasant morning.

Pictures show Mike and Phil clearing up around our brand new sign, kindly donated to us by Jolyon Sharpe of Cornall Council Countryside Department, and the group having a well earned half time tea break.

Whilst pausing with the digging we were very happy to observe the work already being undertaken on the newly re-furbished play area next to Milo's Restaurant.

Friends has played a big part in selecting the supplier and encouraging the Parish Counciul to undertake this initiative.

However great praise and thanks must go to Councillor Doug Scrafton who has really driven the project with the Council and at last we will have a great new facility at Par Beach, no more than it deserves.

If you feel like getting involved in one of our work parties, keep a look out on our website or facebook page or for a poster put up around the area, including in our brand new notice board.


New Notice Board
11th January 2018

Our brand new, shiny bright, notice board was installed successfully today.

Friends of Par Beach would like to thank, very much indeed, Jolyon Sharpe, Countryside Officer, for this generous gesture, and for his continued support of our group.

Pictured below are Chair, Richard and Treasurer, Mike showing off our latest acquisition which sits nicely alongside our Beach Hut.



Christmas Greetings
22nd December 2017

The following poem was sent to us by The Conservation Volunteers (https://www.tcv.org.uk). This is by way of a thankyou from them to our Group but also reflects our thanks to you, our membership!

 A Christmas poem for our Community Groups from us to you!

Snow is falling all around

Frosty footprints on the ground

Berries crowd the silvered trees

As birds head south across the seas


Nature prepares for harder times

But work remains for those left behind

And Community groups keep busy

as Jack Frost goes to work

And even when it's drizzly

Cold hands hold hoes, or spades or forks


So in this winter season

We send our thanks for all you do, 

And as you prepare for the coming year

We send warm festive greetings to you

Beach Hut
26th November 2017

Before starting the work party on Sunday 26th November, Events Manager Phil and Chair Richard managed to put up our brand new sign on our recently painted Beach Hut, which will now form the headquarters and meeting point for many of our future events at the Beach or in the Local Nature Reserve. We are very pleased with the result and we owe a lot of thanks to Jolyon Sharpe of Cornwall Council who helped us fund and site our new HQ '.


November Work Party
26th November 2017

On Sunday 26th November we had one of our regular winter work parties, and this time we helped to clear and widen the access path between the western car park and the existing path which runs around the Orchid field.

This was originally laid by the Council, specifically to help with access to the beach for wheelchair users and others with mobility problems, but sadly has not been maintained due to financial issues. The path was made up of clay waste which hardens quickly and stays almost white in colour, which also makes it good for people with sight issues. A group of ten volunteers plus a small dog cleared the length of the path in two hours, an amazing effort in mostly appalling weather. Many thanks and very well done to all who came along. Tea/coffee and biscuits were as usual handled by Chair Richard, who also managed to arrange the only ten minutes of dry weather, and a glimpse of the sun, during the whole morning, for this well earned break.

Par Carnival Celebration Awards 2017
23rd November 2017

On Thursday 23rd November, Treasurer Mike and Chair Richard attended a wonderful event at the Railway Club in St Blazey in celebration of the Par Carnival this year. A lot of local organisations and clubs who helped with the Carnival received an award for their efforts, and Friends of Par Beach were one of the lucky recipients with thanks for putting on the annual Beach Art Competition, as part of Carnival week. Lots of money was raised including some large amounts for two Cancer Research groups.

Prizes were handed out by Councillors Pauline Giles and Jordan Rouse, and a pleasant evening was had by all.


SAS Autumn Beach Clean.
3rd November 2017

News Article from Cllr Jordan Rowse:

“When I found out that Surfers Against Sewage were holding a national autumn beach clean I felt that, as the Chairman of the Par Beach Management Group, it was something I had to get involved with.

Each year our coastal communities brace themselves against the winter conditions that create a ‘Perfect Storm’ of plastic pollution on our beaches. The Autumn Beach Clean extends deep into this darker, colder time than any other beach clean project. When, in the absence of summer’s tourist spotlight, the health of our coastlines can slip from the nation’s mind.

Along with over 300 other Beach Clean Leaders, I joined Surfers Against Sewage and their partners; The Crown Estate, Greggs, Parley For The Oceans and Ecover to unite, inspire and empower my community to take action to help create Plastic Free Coastlines.

Par Beach is perhaps the PL24 area’s most important asset and, with it being one of the only growing dune systems in Europe, it faces many challenges, plastic pollution being one of them. By engaging the community in beach cleans it helps make our great asset more enjoyable to use, but more importantly helps protect our beach and dunes from plastic pollution, helping create a plastic free coastline.

I’d like to thank everyone who turned up to help, Friends of Par Beach for their support and The Ship Inn for generously putting on tea and coffee for our volunteers.”


Otter Holt and Reed Path
29th October 2017

Over twenty volunteers, mostly FoPB members plus the odd new face gathered at the Reed Path on Sunday morning to carry out two tasks.

After the recent coppicing work carried out by local Tree Surgeon Richard Heyward and his team, a large area of open space has been created in the wetland area which will promote light and new vegetation growth, as well as encourge new wildlife to use the area.

The plan was to build an Otter Holt using the large amount of logs and brushwood which was created by the work and to improve the Reed Path with the chippings that also had been created.

One group, mostly the boys, returned to their childhood wallowing about in ankle deep mud, building dens in the woods, and in no time, guided by enthusiastic member Jan Phillips, who leads our work parties, a five star property had been created for otters which are known to frequent the area.

Not sure which part of their childhood the girls returned to, but by the end of the event they had reduced the huge pile of chippings to nothing, and laid it out along a two hundreed yard stretch of the reed path to discourage weeds and make the path easier to navigate. They also used some of the chippings to create a comfortable area of bedding within the Otter Holt itself.

It was declared 'Our best work party ever' by Jan Phillips, who had organised the whole project, with the support of our ranger, Jenny Heskett, and courtesy of some funding given to us via the Tesco Blue Tokens scheme where we came in first place for our two month collection period. So many thanks also to all those kind souls who put their tokens in our box on their shopping trips.

Refreshments as usual were handled by Chair, Richard Parks, and Photography was mainly done by Treasurer, Mike Freemantle, when he was not up to the tops of his wellies in mud, and sometimes when he was!!.

We would like to thank everyone who came along to help, young and old, new members and old members including what seemed like the entire family of young Reubyn Howes, who had celebrated his fifth birthday the day before and who, as usual, had brought along his trusty digger and trailor to help with the manual stuff.

A great day out was had by all and the weather was perfect.

Pictures to follow.

Autumn Quiz Night Report
24th October 2017

Fifty Two people making up ten tables contested this years autumn quiz night at the Scout Hut on Tuesday 24th October 2017.

The event was hosted by our new quiz mistress, Jules Jonklaas, who did a sterling job in preparing a testing set of questions and presenting them on the evening. Jules was ably assisted by Tamsyn Howes who kept the scores on the doors, or flip pad to be more precise! As ever, our treasurer, Mike Freemantle, was heavily involved, arranging the pasties for the evening, collecting the money at the door as well as running the 'heads and tails' event and the raffle. Also our thanks go to Penny Gibbs and her friend Denise who kept us all fed and watered for the evening.

Cornwall Community Celebration Award 2017
19th October 2017

Three members of Friends of Par Beach, John Page, Jan Phillips and Harry Bosworth, attended the Cornwall Community Celebration Awards 2017 organised by Cornwall Council and Cormac at Eden Project on the evening of Thursday, 19th October.

The event is a celebration of volunteer groups, who work thoughout the county, giving their free time for the benifit of the community. Friend of Par Beach were one of around twenty five groups present. There are various catagories covering different aspects of community group work and Friends of Par Beach ones are shown on the certificate below.


'Friends' 8th Annual General Meeting
10th October 2017

Friends recently held their 8th AGM on Friday 6th October, where has the time gone?

Held as usual at The Gott Hall in Par the event attracted a reasonable 28 people, and reports were given by outgoing Chair John Page and Treasurer Mike Freemantle.

John outlined the many and various events and activities that we have attended or organised including a very successful Bat Walk, the continually popular quiz evenings and two new projects which are nearing completion.

Our new beach hut will become our headquarters for events on the beach, and the coppicing project which is part of the Local Nature Reserve Management Plan, has now started despite the ongoing adverse weather conditions.

John Page has decided to stand down as Chair and from the committe to pursue a future in Local Politics, and we wish him well in that initiative.

Richard Parks returns to The Chair after a year as Secretary, Mike Freemantle remains as Treasurer and Jules Jonklaas returns as Secretary role after taking a short break in that role.

Phil Gadd, Gill Butler, Tamsyn Howes and Cathy Trodd remain as Committee members, but we are losing Dennis Brock, and would like to thank him for his efforts over the last year. We are actively seeking at least two more committee members, so if anyone is interested in joining our small band of enthusiasts, then please get in touch.

The AGM then had a break for refreshments and mingling, and this was followed by a very absorbing presentation by Karen and David who run kayaking nature trips on the Fowey river under the name of Encounter Cornwall. Have a look at www.encountercornwall.com

Altogether it was a successful and friendly evening, and the food prepared by Sandra Freemantle was much enjoyed, so thanks to Sandra for her efforts on our behalf.

Friends of Par Beach Bat Walk
26th August 2017

Friends of Par Beach had another very successful bat walk on Saturday evening. A fantastic turnout of sixty five people including ten children came along. Carol Williams, one of the country’s leading bat experts, gave a short background talk about bats in the UK, in Cornwall and also what we may see and hear on the walk around the Local Nature Reserve. After answering many questions she handed out some bat detectors to the children and as dusk was falling we had a wander along the access road towards the Orchid Field. On the way and at the field we started to see some Pipestrelles making an appearance against the darkening sky. We then went back to the pond and ended up at the reed bed end where we were treated to hearing and seeing lots of bats feeding on the insects there. Common Pipistrelle, Soprano Pipistrelle along with Daubentons were seen and heard on the detectors and Carol thought she may have heard the sound of a Nathusius’ Pipistrelle, a rare bat but slowly increasing in numbers.

Some of those attending were shown the bat boxes near the pond that we put up at the beginning of the year. It hasn’t been confirmed yet but at least one of them may be being used as a summer roost already.

Everyone said how much they enjoyed the evening and Carol said that she will be happy to run another at the same time next year. Keep an eye on our website www.parbeach.com for info on that and other events.

The photo shows the assembled gathering outside our new Beach Hub (more info on that in a separate announcement) with Carol Williams on the very far right.

We will be donating £41 from the receipts for the evening to the Cornwall Bat Group to help with the running of the Bat Aid Hospital In Truro. Carol also received donations for the Bat Group and are awaiting to hear how much she collected.

Great News on the Bags of Help for Friends of Par Beach
25th August 2017

Friends of Par Beach would like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who voted for them in Tesco during May and June. As a result, we came first in the voting so have won the grant we asked for of £3500 which is for habitat management work in the alder carr at the pond.

Alder carr, which also contains willow, is a wet woodland habitat which colonises marsh and in past times would have been carefully managed to produce coppice products for housebuilding, hurdles and so on, in a similar way to hazel in drier places. Our pond edges are getting too filled in with saplings and so we will be coppicing a proportion of the alder and willow to start of a 7 or 15 year cycle of coppice which provides a more complex structure that benefits all wetland wildlife.

Details of the work are now in the planning stage and you should see something happening in the next few months. We will also be removing some sycamore from the edge of the marsh and constructing 1 or 2 artificial otter holts which will act as safe laying up places for otters passing through (and yes, there is evidence that they do!).

A proportion of the money is also set aside for upgrading our tool stock and educational activity about wetland wildlife and any left-over will contribute to the removal of other invasive species in the other habitats in the reserve.

We have a year to spend the grant but the coppicing is due to start taking place in September during which time the bird watching path will not be open for access.

We are enormously grateful to Tesco for initiating this scheme and to Groundwork South who promote it on their behalf.

Re-Launch of Par Beach Seaweed Survey
4th August 2017

We are re-launching the survey that was asked for by Jolyon Sharpe, Countryside Officer for Cornwall Council, to consult with the local community and beach users for their thoughts on the seaweed that sometimes washes up with the tides on Par Beach. Not enough returns were received from our previous launch for Cornwall Council to form a valid community/beach users view on the subject of seaweed on the beach.

If you want let the the Council know your thoughts you can download the questionnaire here to fill and and return by one of the methods given on the form. There will also be hard copies at locations given below where you can obtain, fill them in and leave at the location to be collected at a later date

Word version with this you can fill in using you computer. When completed, save it to your computer and e-mail it to the address on the form.

pdf version that you can download to print to fill in by hand. When completed you can either scan it and attach to an e-mail to the address shown, post it to the address on the form or drop it off at one of the drop off points.

Hard copies of the form can be obtained from the following sites.

Tywardreath Village Stores
Par Library
Par Sands Holiday Park Reception

If you have any questions please contact Friends of Par Beach using the Contact Us Page with 'Seaweed Survey' in the subject.

Family Beach Art Competition - Sunday 9th July
10th July 2017

Friends of Par Beach volunteers enjoyed the most successful Sand Art Competition since the event was added to Par Carnival Week when nearly 60 people filled the area over the footbridge at the Eastern end of the the beach.

Competition was enthusiastic as 12 family groups created 21 works of art that gave the judges, Jules Jonklaas, Gill Buter and Cathy Trodd, some serious thinking to do as the participants waited expectantly to hear who were the winners.

A group of 8 (youngest member aged 4), a combination of several families, was awarded the 1st prize for entries that included an octopus, an angler fish, a volcano, a cup cake and ‘Charlie’s Castle’.

Second prize went to the Rowe family for their entry ‘Hedwig’ inspired by the Harry Potter books and third prize went to the Pearce family with a map of Cornwall.

Every child received a small bag of sweets and the whole morning was great fun, it being clear that it was the joining in that was more important than the winning.

Par Carnival event week continues at Par Canal on Wednesday with with a BBQ at 5.00 pm and Duck Race at 6.00 pm followed by Carnival Quiz at The Royal Inn at 8.30 pm.

On Thursday Gott Hall hosts an Art Exhibition from 2.00-4.00 pm, with Carnival Bingo at 7.30 pm.

Children’s Fun Sports are at St. Blazey Cricket Club on Friday at 6.00 pm

The Big Event is on Saturday with the Carnival Procession leaving Par Beach Car Park at 6.30 pm for it’s usual Tour de Par.

On Sunday there will be a Children’s Treasure Hunt on Par Beach at 10.30 am, a Car Treasure Hunt from Par Inn at 2.00 pm and Songs of Praise at St Mary’s Methodist Church at 6.00 pm.


Some of the ompetitors taking part

General View of some of the compeditors taking part



'Charlie's Castle', part of the winning entry


                          2nd Place the Rowe family with 'Hedwig'                    3rd Place, the Pearce family with 'Map of Cornwall'

Update on our Beach Hut/Hub
15th June 2017

We are getting nearer!! The base for our beach hut/hub is now in place and the hut itself is now on order from Just Fir near Par Harbour. We are hoping that it will be in place by mid July and after some fitting out should be in service in time for the summer season.

Beach Clean with a Difference
16th May 2017

On a sunny but blustery morning of Sunday 14th May about 20 people came along to help us collect plastics from the shoreline and the beach area. Rob Thompson and Natallia Paliakova from Fathoms Free came along to help sort the plastics from the general rubbish and to take it away. We filled two bags, a bag of general plastics and another of pieces of plastic netting, rope, cord and other plastic filamentous material. The general plastics will be stored by Fathoms Free and then be sent to FatYak, a UK South West-based Kayak manufacturer who are experimenting in turning the plastics into body boards and kayaks as part of their joint project with Fathoms Free, Paddle for Plastics; at the end of the page from the link you can see a picture of the prototypes. The other material will be stored to be sent in bulk with all the plastic netting and rope that Fathoms Free have retrieved from the seabed to a facility in Denmark that can deal with this kind of material for recycling.

The amount collected was not as great as one would hope but that in turn is good. It seems that we at Par Beach are not seeing the amount of plastics that we used to. That is not to say that the marine plastics issue is getting better, it is not, there some beaches in Cornwall seeing large amounts of plastics washing up! There is a huge amount of work to be done to lessen its impact on the environment. On our own beach more and more people are being observed carrying their own mini beach cleans during visits with their dogs or just out for a walk, This will go some way to explain why we are seeing less rubbish on the beach. A big round of applause to those that help to make the beach a better place for us all by keeping it clean of rubbish, we all thank you….

'Friends' and Fathoms Free's beach HQ


Phil with Rob and Natallia from Fathoms Free sorting out the plastics into the two bags ably supervised by Gill

Vote for Friends of Par Beach at Tesco
11th May 2017

Vote for Friends of Par Beach at Tesco

Friends of Par Beach is delighted to announce that we are one of the Community Groups selected to participate in the Tesco Bags of Help initiative at the St Austell (Holmbush) store and the Tregonissey Tesco Express from now until the end of June. There is no minimum spend, but you may need to remind the cashier that you want the voting disc.

Please help us spread the word - tell your friends, neighbours, relatives. The more people who know that we can gain funding from Tesco the better.

Tesco teamed up with Groundwork to launch its community funding scheme, which sees grants of £1000-£4,000 – all raised from the 5p bag levy – being awarded to local community projects.

Three groups have been shortlisted to receive the cash award and Friends of Par Beach is asking for your support when shopping at the Tesco stores mentioned above.

Friends of Par Beach, in its ongoing support of Par Sands Local Nature Reserve, will spend the money to coppice part of the wetland area. This has been part of the Management Plan for many years and is long overdue. As otters are known to pass through the area, the wood will be used to build an otter holt, in the hope that they might stay.

Lindsey Crompton, Head of Community at Tesco, said:

“We are absolutely delighted to open the voting for May and June. There are some fantastic projects on the shortlists and we can’t wait to see them come to life in hundreds of communities.”

Groundwork’s National Chief Executive, Graham Duxbury, said:

“We’ve been thrilled to see the diversity of projects that have applied for funding, ranging from outdoor classrooms, sports facilities, community gardens, play areas and everything in between."

Click here to see our poster to print or share.......

Friends of Par Beach Hub
10th April 2017

After many months of planning a start was made by four members of the committee of Friends of Par Beach by clearing the base of Hut No. 77 ready for a brand new beach hut/FoPB Hub, opposite Milo’s Restaurant.

By the summer the hub will be open and give information about Par Beach and Par Sands Local Nature Reserve. It may come as a surprise to many local residents that there is a Local Nature Reserve on the site, but the designation has been in place since 1985.

Dogs are NOT Banned from Par Beach
9th April 2017

There is a internet based news service, Cornwall Live, that has just published a list of beaches where dogs are banned. Par Beach has been included and is totaly innacurate. Par Beach is and will continue to be one of the few beaches in Cornwall where dogs are allowed all year.

Friends of Par Beach have contacted Cornwall Live to correct this statement. It seems the list has more than one innacurate entry.

Seaweed Survey
25th March 2017

Friends of Par Beach have been asked by Jolyon Sharpe, Countryside Officer for Cornwall Council to consult with the local community and beach users for their thoughts on the seaweed that sometimes washes up with the tides on Par Beach. FoPB has been given a questionnaire to put out on their behalf

If you want let the the Council know your thoughts you can download the questionnaire here to fill and and return by one of the methods given on the form. There will also be hard copies at locations given below where you can obtain, fill them in and leave at the location to be collected at a later date

Word version with this you can fill in using you computer.

pdf version that you can download to print to fill in by hand.

Hard copies of the form can be obtained from the following sites from Monday 27th March

Tywardreath Village Stores
Par Library
Par Sands Holiday Park Reception

If you have any questions please contact Friends of Par Beach using the Contact Us Page with 'Seaweed Survey' in the subject.


Sunday March 5th Beach Clean
6th March 2017

On Sunday more than 30 hardy litter pickers, adults and children, chanced the weather to help Friends of Par Beach have a tidy of Par Beach and the Local Nature Reserve.

Despite a heavy duty hail and rain shower they managed to leave more than 30 bags for Biffa to collect.

The beach itself was not unduly littered, but hot-spots of the various car parks were pretty bad, which is disappointing as there are plenty of bins close-by.

The usual Friends of Par Beach gazebo was not in evidence as, due to the very strong gusts of wind it was deemed unsafe and the organisers managed to operate out of the backs of cars.

All in all, given the conditions, it was a successful event and thanks go to the 31 stalwarts who turned out. A special thanks to to a rather soggy Claire Louise Hunt, pictured below left who has long supported FoPB in her work as St Austell Tesco's Community Champion. Also pictured is Cllr Doug Scrafton (right) our local County and Parish Councillor another great supporter of Friends of Par Beach!



Bramble Clearing on the Dunes
23rd January 2017

Last year on one of our regular winter work parties we cleared two areas of gorse which has become so rampant on the Nature Reserve.  The purpose of this action was to create some sheltered spaces for insects and particularly butterflies to thrive.
On Sunday 22nd January we targetted the brambles which had inevitably grown in the cleared areas, and which had thrived in the new light which we created for them.

We were pleased to welcome a record seventeen people, and unusually nearly all were members, who enthusiastically attacked the brambles and their roots, a great deal of good work was done to help create a balanced environment at the western end of our favourite beach and local nature reseve.

As ever the event was a social occasion with stories and banter being exchanged during the half time tea break, usually the highlight of the day.

Our thanks to everyone who came along and also to Jan Phillips who led the group in her own knowledgeable manner.

Look out on social media and also on our posters for the next event which will be in February. Details already posted are shown here.











Great Team Effort Helps to Clean up Par Beach
9th January 2017

A combination of different factors all came together today when an amazing, second best ever, 110 volunteers answered our 'Call to Arms' and joined Friends of Par Beach to help clear the large volume of rubbish that had appeared over the holiday period.

This started over Christmas and New Year, when owing to the mainly clear and dry weather, many more than normal visitors and locals alike came to walk their dogs, walk off the Christmas pudding, or just to get some fresh air. Boxing Day had to be seen to be believed with literally hundreds of people and it seemed, just as many dogs enjoying the benefits of our wonderful beach.. It seems that many people used their own initiative and moved large pieces of Flotsam and Jetsam above the strand line and created several piles of rubbish, which was excellent.

Mike Freemantle, our Treasurer after one of his many walks along the shoreline, suggested that we should hold an Emergency Litter Pick to carry on the good work started by these thoughtful visitors. So at short notice we put the plan into action and went through the normal procedures of advertising the event in as many places as possible, in particular on social media.

The result was today's turnout, one of our best ever, including several children, many well behaved dogs, and interestingly at least half a dozen people brought along their own wheelbarrows, having taken notice of our advice about quite a lot of large objects to be cleared. Large objects were removed off the beach and many sifted through the seaweed on the strandlines to remove all non-natural debris, mostly plastics, the scourge of the marine environment.

It was impossible to count the amount of litter collected as we asked for the bags to placed near any of the rubbish bins along the road side of the dunes, so they were spread out. We do know however that there was an awful lot, but the beach looked much better afterwards as a result of the great community spirit. The team effort was completed by Biffa, the Council Refuse Contractors arriving almost as we finished to take everything away, and we thank them for their efficiency.

To everyone who came along, we thank you all, and please look out for details on our events page for our next regular Litter Pick/Beach Clean to be held in March along with other events as they are arranged.

To see some photos taken on the day click here


Friends of Par Beach Education Fact Sheets
4th December 2016

Gill Butler, our committee member responsible for education, has been busy and produced a series of fact sheets that have recently been placed in in the documents section of our website. These will form part of our education programme with local schools and similar organisations that Gill is establishing contacts with. So far we have published six and there will be more to more will follow in due course.

Fact Sheet 1 - Plastic Pollution

Fact Sheet 2 - Feeding Ducks

Fact Sheet 3 - Seaweed

Fact Sheet 4 - Pollinators

Fact Sheet 5 - Invasive Species

Fact Sheet 6 - Sand Dunes

Click here to be directed to our Documents page and look for the Fact Sheets section, where they can be downloaded for reading or if required printed off.

'Friends' Put up Bat Boxes around Par Beach LNR
17th November 2016

Committee members Phil Gadd, Richard Parks, Mike Freemantle and Dennis Brock teamed up on 15th November to put up the bat boxes around Par Beach Local Nature Reserve (LNR) that we had commissioned the children of Tywardreath School to build for us recently. These boxes are of the 'Kent' design originated from an idea by the Kent Bat Group.

After much discussion and advice we located exactly where best to put the boxes. It is quite important to have them located correctly as bats are choosy little creatures and will only inhabit boxes that have a clear line of sight to their ' front door', face south easterly to south westerly, in a sunny location, preferably with the morning sun, and are at least four metres off the ground. Worse than the prospectus when trying to buy a house.

You would think with all the trees that are available on the Par Beach Local Nature Reserve it would be an easy job, but not a bit of it. A lot of time was spent finding the best spots, and only when or if they get used will we know if we are right, so fingers crossed. It might take a while, months, possibly even years before any bats move in, so keep a look out or even listen to see if these fascinating little creatures come and take up our offer of 'Affordable Housing'.

We would like to thank the children of Tywardreath School, too many names to mention, who constructed most of the boxes for us, and also members Keith and Sandra Butler of Polmear Parc, who donated three boxes to us after they had taken down a couple of trees in their garden

         Left to Right Dennis, Phil & Mike with two of the 'Kent' design bat boxes


             'Phil the Ladder' ably supported by Dennis


            That's two up!


               Now with Mike supervising....

Skipton Building Society Grant
10th November 2016

Following our appeal back in September, Friends of Par Beach are delighted to announce that we have been informed that we were successful in our application to Skipton Building Society. We have been awarded one of the 377 pots of £500 in this year's distribution of their grants and should get our money before the end of the year.

This means that we now have £500 towards the cost of a beach hut that will act as an FoPB hub on the beach and to provide an opportunity to provide information to the public in general.

We would like to give our sincere thanks all those who voted for us with Skipton Building Society as we couldn't have done it without you!

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