About Friends of Par Beach

We aim to:

  • Promote the conservation and sensitive use of Par Beach in association with the various owners/leaseholders
  • Advise and assist in the management of Par Beach and Par Beach local nature reserve
  • Promote the knowledge of all aspects of Par Beach, particularly the history, natural history and ecology
  • Support and encourage user groups and organisations with an interest in Par Beach
  • Increase and encourage the use of Par Beach by all
  • Promote and provide social, recreational, educational, cultural, sporting and conservation activities


Friends of Par Beach (FoPB) arose from the interest in Par Beach created in 2008 when Restormel Borough Council (now part of Cornwall Council) attempted to sell the freehold of the caravan site very quietly. Alerted, many locals attended a council meeting when the vote for or against the sale was to take place and the sheer weight of public opinion stopped the sale. The consensus was that the freehold was not the Council’s to sell. Read the History of Par Beach for more information on who bought the land originally for £100.

Galvanised by that perceived threat to our beach, many of us realised just how much we wanted the beach to be cared for, for ourselves and for future generations. A core group of people worked behind the scenes to set up an organisation to help Par Beach be appropriately managed - supporting stakeholders and users in the conservation and sensitive use of the area.

On the 13th August 2009, on a balmy sunny evening approximately 150 people attended the inaugural meeting of the Friends of Par Beach. A constitution was voted in and then a committee.

Then and there, FoPB began in earnest . . .

Cornwall Council Park Leisure Par Sands Friends of Par Beach are supported by
PL24 Community Association, Tesco,
Par Sands Coastal Holiday Park,
Cornwall Council Community Grant
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