The History

We are always looking to improve and add too, The History, so we are asking for your tales, photos and information to add some real depth to this page. Please contact us if you’ve something to add.

In the meantime we have been given access to some old photos/postcards (example below), visit our History Gallery for a good look at the full set, they’re a fantastic peek at days past.

50s postcard


We have also been given a copy of the original Indenture document - the legal document of the sale of the beach from Arthur Basset to Tywardreath Parish Council in 1914! You can see it in the Indenture Gallery though it is a bit small to read so we've also made it available for you to download, though as it is in eight parts it may take you a while.



Shipwreck off Little Hell

Adrian Wildish has had some research done (by Alan Jones and Richard Larn of Shipwrecks UK Ltd) into the Capitaine Remy which was wrecked off Little Hell. He says "The picture of the upturned Hull actually looks like it was attached to the bouy that was just outside Par Harbour, it was probably moved there to prepare it for moving to Fowey for scrap. I remember seeing what was left of the boilers in the late sixties (we all thought they were WW2 U-boats sunk in the sand) in the sand at Little Hell. There is nothing showing now but I imagine if you went over the area with a metal detector you would soon find the boilers"

Read the story of the Capitaine Remy, which includes a link to photos of her being built, all kindly given to us by Adrian.


John Cloke has kindly shared some photographs and personal history with us.

Par Harbour from The Mount

Par Harbour from the Mount

Spit Cottages

Spit Cottages

"My Great Grandfather Edwin Robbins from my Mother, his Granddaughter apparently fathered thirteen children - seven boys and six girls, one of whom was Eilleen my Grandmother. The era of the photos would be 1930s as my Mother remembers attending his funeral when she was twelve or fourteen, which would put it at 1935 or 1937. Irwin was the Pilot or perhaps the Pilot's Boatman, at Par Harbour. He was also the cox'n of the then Polkerris lifeboat which the crew could only reach by rowing across the bay!"

Grandfather Robins

Grandfather Robbins

Grandfather Robins boat decked out for Par Regatta (probably)

Grandfather Robbins boat decked out for Par Regatta (probably)

Things stayed in the family, as evenually the old man's Grandson became the Pilot's boatman to Pilot Tommy and then to Pilot Roger Dunn, the job finally passing to his son Tommy Endean on his death. Tommy held the job until the end at Par Harbour.

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