This excting project was completed with crowd funded donations from the community without whose help the project could not have been realised. Visit our picture gallery to see the bell being installed on Par Beach April 2023. Read about how the project took shape, below.

The two metal bell halves prior to installation


As presented for public viewing at the Prodigal UPG PAR-Teee Festival held at Par Running Track in September 2022.


(c) Steve Tanner

Local newspaper article


A First look at Par's own Time and Tide bell

Time and tide wait for no man

As bronze Bell tolls on high

Moon weighs in with gravity

Waves around UK coastline

Form a melody of warning



Heritage linked to future

Industrial history to creativity

Industrious energy on a par

Sea nature's primal essence

Converts Bell to green on its rise



Clapper deserving of applause

Rings out across beautiful bay

With its golden sands of time

Nature of our community

Resonance Par excellence



Chimes for our past

Chimes for our future

Chimes for today


Jon Best (Poetry from Par Bay) 



Time & Tide Bell is a National Community Art project focused on the current climate crisis:

‘Celebrating and reinforcing connections in local communities, between different parts of the country, between the land and the sea, between ourselves and our environment’.

The Bell’s form was designed by artist Marcus Vergette in collaboration with Dr Neil McLachlan. Each Bell is cast in bronze and over the years is turned green by the sea. Each Bell is 1.7 meters tall, mounted to ring at high tide through the action of the waves. Uniquely, one strike sounds different notes; one after another as a melody. A chorus playing out across the UK coastline, connecting us together in a unified message, a call for action. Bringing much needed attention to the gradual rise of sea level due to climate change – particularly relevant here in Par.

7 Bells have been installed across the UK since 2008. Following submissions from five locations in the county, we are excited to announce that Par has been selected as the only Cornish location to be awarded a Bell, enabling Par Bay to join a unique, nationwide community of Bell locations.

In line with Cornwall Council’s new Creative Manifesto and stated ambition to become the UK’s leading rural economy; we saw this as an exciting opportunity to add to our existing creative and cultural capital, enhance existing community projects, and bring national attention to our wonderful home.

The Par Time and Tide Bell

Friends of Par Beach were very pleased to have been asked to take over as lead group on this fascinating project that will happen on Par Beach in the near future. Have a look at www.timeandtidebell.org to get an idea about how the project works. It will be highlighting Global Warming and Rising Sea Levels, very relevant to Par and St Blazey in the future, and will also include artistic and creative work to accompany the actual installation of the Bell. As explained below, Par has been chosen as the only location in Cornwall, so will bring increased status to our area, in the form of more visitors, good for local business, and the chance for local people to get involved in many aspects of the whole project, which is part of a nationwide initiative. We were very pleased to be involved to help bring some increased interest in our favourite beach.

Friends of Par Beach, alongside dedicated members of the local Parish Council and community, worked together to ensure this Bell can be installed on Par Beach. Marcus has always intended that each Bell should celebrate the uniqueness of its location. He produced for Par a design covered in decorative, white-glazed ceramic, honouring our industrial heritage. A location was selected within the course of the old shipping route, so that from the beach the bell creates an iconic image, relating to the history of the landscape.

For more information, and to offer support, please contact: parbell@timeandtidebell.org

Friends of Par Beach is supported by PL24 Community Association, Tesco, CO OP, Par Sands Coastal Holiday Park, and Cornwall Council Community Grant